A citizens initiative led by the residents of Charlemont Street:  Big plans ahead to have a whole festival with music, food, invited speakers, as well as a memorabilia display for 2016. Details for a plaque unavailing for James Connolly in Charlemont Street, and another plaque for the civilians killed around the area, will be announced soon, as well as a host of talks and seminars based around the 1916 revolution in the lead up to the Centenary in the local community centre.

Charlemont Street and its surrounding area is steeped in history. From the early exploits of the Irish Citizen Army and their shoot-out with the Forces of the Crown in the Portebello pub, to the achievements of Dr.Kathleen Lynn and fFrench Mullen, and to our former resident, revolutionary socialist republican, and signatory of the 1916 proclamation, James Connolly.

The 1916 Centenary is approaching fast, and with it brings an opportunity for the residents of Charlemont Street, and people further afield, to remember the sacrifice made by the brave men and women who gave their lives in defence of the Irish Republic.

Come join us as we mark this special occasion with a plaque unveiling for former Charlemont Street resident, James Connolly, and another plaque unveiling for the four civilians killed during the period too, as well as a host of talks and seminars on the resistance, history and life of Charlemont Street and its people.



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  1. Hi all . It’s great to see another history project driven by the community . There are a number of ways in which we believe our group in the North Docks and yourselves may work together and would like to discuss these . Most immediate would be the inaugral Sarah Lundberg Summer School which we will be holding in July – named in honour of one of our members who died last year , the chosen topic will be “Kathleen Lynn , a truly radical woman” . This is obviously of relevance to your group and we would hope you could participate in some way .

  2. Lisa Murray says:

    My Mother is the niece of Michael Cullen, killed in 1920. She was born in Holles Street and lived in Charlemont Mall for the first year of her life. My Grandad, Joseph Cullen, was born and raised in Charlemont Mall and his mother lived there until the area was levelled in 1958. My mother would be interested in attending the event.

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