REBEL CHARLO: Civilians Killed 1916-1920

A chairde, we’re looking for some help with this one. As some of you may well know we’re planning a plaque unveiling for James Connolly here in Charlemont Street. We’re also planning another plaque unveiling for the civilians killed around the area too from 1916-1920. If possible, we would like to track down any living relatives to ask them for their support, inquire their thoughts into this endeavour, and invite them along to any ceremonies we have planned.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Their names are:
1. Annie O’Neil, 8 years old.
2. Christopher Cathcart, 10 years old.
3. Michael Cullen, 20 years old & Eileen Hendric, 19 years old.

1. Annie O’Neil: On the 13th of November 1920 an 8 year old girl was shot dead by a British Army officer as he, with another Officer, chased some young men they had challenged. Annie O’Neill was playing outside her house when the incident happened. Annie’s mother, hearing the shots, ran outside and picked up her daughter. Newspaper reports on the shooting differ as to weather Annie was dead when her mother reached her or her mother had taken her inside the house before realising she was dead. Annie was buried in Dean’s grange Cemetery, her grave is unmarked.

2. Christopher Cathcart (10), 28 Charlemont Street. He was killed on Easter Monday. He died at Portobello barracks and death cert states – “probably haemorrhage from a gunshot wound”. His father Patrick was a coachbuilder. In the 1911 census his family of 11 shared the 6 roomed house with 3 other families – 27 people. His niece Mary tells me that he was shot dead in crossfire at Portobello Bridge. He had gone to play in Palmerston Park in Ranelagh that morning. Work was sent for him to come home immediately as the Rising had started – but he rambled off on his own and was accidentally shot.

3. Michael Cullen & Eileen Hendric: On Monday the 2nd of March 1920 at 9.30pm 120 soldiers of the Royal Berkshire Regiment were returning from a performance at the theatre, the soldiers were singing Rule Britannia and God Save the King, when they were attacked by a hostile crowd on South Richmond Street Dublin.
A man and a woman were killed by revolver shots and another man was injured by a bullet wound in the wrist. One soldier was shot through the chest and four soldiers wounded by missiles. The two dead civilians were taken to the Meath Hospital, they were identified as:
Eilen Hendrick aged 19 of Francis Street. It had previously been believed that the dead girls name was Margaret Dowling.
Michael Cullen aged 20 a van driver from Charlemont Mall, Charlemont Street, Dublin


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