Dr.Kathleen Lynn, and Madeline fFrench-Mullen

Dr.Kathleen Lynn

Dr.Kathleen Lynn

On international women’s day, Rebel Charlo remembers Dr.Kathleen Lynn, and Madeline fFrench-Mullen.

It was Dr.Kathleen Lynn, a member of the Irish Citizen Army, and chief medical officer during the 1916 revolution, and her colleague, Madeleine fFrench-Mullen, a member of Cumann na mBan and later the Irish Citizen Army, who were both responsible for establishing Saint Ultan’s Hospital for Infants, on Charlemont Street, a fist of its kind here in Ireland. Two remarkable woman indeed, whose, role, progressiveness, contribution, and accomplishment, in society, supersedes by far the repugnant ambitions, and injustices, by the Gombeen capitalist class in today’s society. May their noble deeds never be forgotten.

“Dr. Mary McAuliffe tells us about the truly remarkable life of Kathleen Lynn, a women who dedicated her life to the people of Dublin. A truly inspirational woman, who deserves to be celebrated as a national hero.”

Kathleen Lynn, and Madeline fFrench-Mullen

Kathleen Lynn, and Madeline fFrench-Mullen

Former Charlemont Street resident, James Connolly.

The Re-Conquest of Ireland

Chapter VI

REBEL Charlo-connolly

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